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Register a company in Germany with professional assistance. We cover various corporate solutions including accountancy and document preparation.

Doing business in Germany

Germany is one of the most economically developed countries in Europe. Germany uses advanced technology and advanced equipment. Germany holds the first positions in the production of steel, cement, vehicles, machine tools, electronics, automobiles, shipbuilding, and other industries. Foreign businessmen from all over the world want to open a business in Germany.

Setup Company

Starting a business in Germany as a foreign investor is quite easy given that the same rules apply to local and foreign entrepreneurs. The first step in starting a successful company in Germany is choosing the right type of company. According to German Commercial Law, there are several types of legal entities that can be registered here: 

  • Aktiengesellschaft (AG) – public limited company (statutory fund must be at least 50,000 € and the first investment must correspond to 1/4 of the statutory fund 12,500 €), German citizenship.  
  • Kommanditgesellschaft (KGaA) is a limited partnership. In order to create it, you need to invest at least 50,000 €.
  • Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH) is the most popular type of firm in Germany. The amount of the authorized capital is 25,000 €, and at least half must be invested immediately. The rest of the amount needs to be replenished in the coming years. 
  • Unternehmergesellschaft. It is a relatively new company for the German business and is a sub-form of GmbH (it is also called Mini-GmbH). The statutory fund may be scanty, but from the profit, it is necessary to invest 25% in the statutory fund until the amount of 25,000 € is reached and thus the company is transferred to the upper category of GmbH.

Business formation

Forming a company in Germany is quite simple but each country has its own difficulties. Our experts will help you prepare the necessary package of documents and choose the type of company that suits your business, we will also advise you on taxes and we are going to support you at all stages of a company formation in Germany.

Business transfer

In modern companies, the transfer of power to a hired manager occurs in four main causes are as follows – business owners live abroad, the businessman is planning to start a completely new business, business is rebuilt the functional structure into a decentralized holding Usually, the business transfer should be a preferred tool to structure a deal. Our team of lawyers and economists will help you carry out a business transfer and advise you on all issues.

Business in Germany

Germany is not an offshore jurisdiction. Its legal framework is not based on the tenets of libertarianism. But it is increasingly being chosen by foreigners to open their own business there. All thanks to the high standard of living, resilience to global financial crises, low corruption in the country. As well as factors such as a broad entrepreneurship support program and affordable loans for businesses and individuals.

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