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Holding company in Germany

A holding company in Germany is a collection of commercial organizations consisting of a dominant parent company and subsidiaries dependent on it. The holding, despite its complex and branched structure, is one of the most widespread forms of commercial organizations.
The reason for this development is the desire to reduce financial losses and optimize the tax burden. Achieving this goal depends primarily on the correct choice of an offshore company for business registration. In this, taxation plays a central role.

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We will help you to open a holding company in Germany, our specialists have extensive experience and knowledge about holdings companies. With us, the process of opening a holding will be simple and fast.

Holding and taxation in Germany

Despite the fact that Germany is not among the popular jurisdictions for placing holdings, German tax legislation provides for tax relief for holding companies.

The main advantage of locating the holding in Germany is the almost complete exemption from tax on income from dividends and capital. However, this tax exemption applies only to 95% of such income. The rest of the profit is still subject to corporate tax.

The tax and accounting records of the holding company contain all transactions of commercial organizations, including internal transactions between the companies of the holding. At the same time, internal operations should not affect the financial result of the holding as a whole. Thus, holding statements include both internal and external statements.



Within the framework of holding reporting in Germany, the following is formed: Individual financial statements of each commercial organization of the holding Consolidated financial statements of parent and subsidiary commercial organizations Individual management reporting Get a bookkeeping solution with our professional assistance. We will take care of all the paperwork and business accounting.

Bank account​

After the successful founding of a company, we will help open a bank account in Germany. Please, learn more information about bank account solutions via the link below.


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